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Kids Today Part 1

    My teenage son got an iPod and I see him walking around the house with these earplugs in his ears all day. I had a transistor radio when I was his age so I’m thinking finally here’s some common ground. I ask him what’s he listening to and he tells me “soundtrack” music. Soundtrack music? Oh, my God, he listens to showtunes! He’s gay! Not that there’s anything wrong with that, unless you’ve got a strong gag reflex then you might have a problem. But you can see how thinking your son being gay might be a little disturbing to a father.  It renders the whole “I hope someday you have a son that treats you the way you treat me” curse a little pointless. But then I hear what he’s listening to since he has those little earplugs cranked and it’s this real hard core heavy metal music. So I say “What kind of soundtrack music is this?” And he says “It’s from video game soundtracks”. Okay, I might get my revenge someday after all, but forget finding any common ground. 
    When I was a kid and I went into a record store or a head shop the place was decorated with flower designs and mushrooms and unicorns and rainbows. Now that I think about it, no wonder my old man was shitting bricks. But when I go into a Hot Topic today there are skulls everywhere. Death heads and zombies and vampires have replaced peace signs and paisley. The Living Dead are the new hippies. My folks may have thought hippies were dirty, but they weren’t decomposing.

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  1. I am big into soundtracks. Some of the best soundtracks are on Porn Vids. Yeah, man! That's where it's at.