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My Publishing Deal

    I recently answered an ad on the internet looking for new authors. This is a publishing company that doesn’t require any money from the author or require the author to buy any copies of his or her book. Below is my reply and the reason why this isn’t such a great deal;

Dear __________ Publishing,

    Thank you for your interest in my submitted novel, Paid To Die; Anarchy In The U.S.A. and for sending me your publishing contract. I suspect that no one at ____________ Publishing actually read Paid To Die before sending the contract as I received approval a mere four days after submitting it, the book is 78,684 words and your contract wants only 40,000 words to publish and it is also one of the most vile and disgusting stories I’ve ever read, and I wrote it.
    I already have three books available on and other book seller sites as well as eBook versions for Kindle so I know that manufacturing and distribution is easily attained these days. What I would require from a publisher is PR and advertising. What is your proposed advertising budget for my book? How will these funds be used? Magazine ads? Radio and / or TV ads? How much will be allocated toward PR? Do you have an in-house PR agency or do you use an outside firm? If so, which one? Will radio and television interviews be required of me? If so, I can only travel within Southern California and perhaps to Las Vegas without compensation but will ,of course, be available for all telephone interviews. Do you arrange book signing tours? In other words, what are you actually offering me that I can’t do, and have already done, myself?


Neal Warner

    I’ll report their response, if any.

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