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Reefer Sadness

    There was an article in the L.A. Times the other day about the dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana. I’m not going to defend driving while under the influence of anything and I’ve tempted fate by eating while driving many times. I’m not proud of it. Pizza is relatively easy but KFC with all the bones can be dangerously distracting. I once asked a CHP officer if it was at all illegal to drive while eating (it isn’t). But if you’re eating because you have the munchies that’s a different story.
    What drew my ire in this Times story was not the premise that driving while stoned is dangerous, although I personally know of no one who ever had an accident because of pot, booze, of course, but not weed, but to back up the claim a person who had an accident while under the influence of grass was sited. After the accident this driver was “found to be under the influence of marijuana and other drugs”. It was the “and other drugs” that bothered me. If the article is about the danger of grass, then find someone who had an accident while driving on grass, not also on “other drugs”. What were the “other drugs”? Alcohol? Heroin? That proves nothing and hurts the story’s credibility. Again, I’m not defending grass, I’m all for driving clear headed, but I am for good, honest and thorough reporting, especially in the L.A. Times which is not exactly the same as High Times.

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  1. I'm for defending GRASS and SAFE DRIVING. Hey LA TIMES - Let's drink to that! Let's put another POTHEAD in jail so we can all pay to get this harmless STONER off the streets.

    I do think the CHP can give you a ticket for any kind of distraction . . . eating, etc., if he thinks your driving is off.

    I read the LA TIMES on Sundays, but not for the news . . . they're too biased . . . I go straight for the coupons.

  2. The most likely problem with driving while stoned is going 23 in 55 mph zone...