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Rock & Roll Rehab

    To all  of you new members I’d like to say WELCOME and CONGRATULATIONS. You’ve taken the first step in our patented Rock and Roll Rehab 12 step program for the control of rock and roll and that’s ADMITTING THAT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.
    I know it’s sometimes hard to admit you have a problem. An alcoholic doesn’t want to get off booze, a drug addict doesn’t want to get off drugs, a sex addict doesn’t want to get off... well, actually, a sex addict does want to get off. But we at Rock and Roll Rehab are here to help you stop embarrassing yourself, humiliating your family and annoying your employer by showing you just how silly it looks to still be into the same music you liked when you were ten years old. 
    You may be a rock fan, or as we call them, “addicts” or you may be a groupie, or as we call them, “sluts”, or you may be the worse case of all, a Rock Star wannabe. I’m a Baby Boomer and in my day if you wanted to look like a rock star you grew your hair long and wore tight pants. Nowadays if you want to look like a rock star you shave your head, wear baggy pants and have your entire body tattooed and pierced. Guys who looked like that when I was a kid used to beat up the guys that looked like rock stars.
    Nowadays a guy in a band stage dives into the crowd and they lose him because he looks exactly the same as every other guy in the audience. You pay fifty dollars to see a band and you wind up having to listen to some janitor the crowd sets back on stage cause they mixed him up with the lead singer who's still out in the crowd somewhere.

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