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The Good Die Young

     I just read in People Magazine that the paramedics that found Amy Winehouse dead at age 27 reported no drugs or drug paraphernalia at the scene. Although Amy’s death was not a huge surprise given her history of drug and alcohol addiction, when the autopsy report comes in we may find she died of something completely unexpected. Whatever killed her may have found it easier because of her years of abuse but I’ve noticed an interesting pattern of people who live fast and hard dying only after they’ve cleaned up. Perhaps consistency is the key and once one has acclimated one’s body to drugs the shock of living clean actually weakens the body but maybe it’s because of something else.
    I remember reading, again in People Magazine, about how Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd had stopped drinking and was going to the gym to prepare for his next tour, the tour that would end with him dying in a plane crash. It seems like a lot of people die right after turning over a new leaf. Maybe it’s because they sense the end is near and are subconsciously trying to avert the inevitable or maybe it’s because God, or All That Is, gives you chances to clean up and leave your wild ways behind before snatching you up to be judged. Years of drugs, booze, women, gambling, cheating and lying with no serious health problems but come the day you change your ways and perhaps even repent and BAM! You’re gone in some freak accident or because of some previously undiscovered health issue. Maybe the old saying; “The good die young,” is true because they’re taken before they can screw up again. Keith Richards better never start going to church.

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  1. Makes you not want to change for the better . . . but what really is better? Says who?

    For some, death is the gateway out of their hell, for others just a curiosity of "what's beyond." And then for a few, there is no such thing as death and we are really just "living" an unreal dream anyway.

    The only reason you'll see Keith Richards at church is to drink the wine. It's good for the blood.