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Sports Themes

     I’m not into sports. I like playing basketball with my son and I used to play softball and volleyball but I don’t like watching other people play games. It’s the Libra in me that I see both sides too much to be able to root for  any one particular team. I don’t like the feeling of stress when my chosen team is loosing but I feel sorry for the team they beat and I don’t like that feeling either. In fact, in the merchandise section of the Rock & Roll Rehab web site ( I have a selection of gear with the design; “Sports Is The Opiate Of The People” which shows Carl Marx in a football uniform. Having said that, just last week I was thinking it would be a good idea to write a football or basketball theme song. John Fogerty has baseball sown up with Centerfield but there’s no football or basketball songs, as far as I know. Being incredibly psychic as I am, I just received an email from my old friend Paul Keller, the guitarist from Bay Area Prog Rock Band, Hush, who sent me an MP3 of a song for which he just recorded the lead solo. The song is called “Big Game Day’ by Joe Faylor and is an excellent football song (available on iTunes). It sounds in the same genre as “All My Rowdy Friends” by Hank Williams Jr. which was used as a theme song for Monday Night Football but is much more football specific. Now we need a theme song for basketball, “Sweet Georgia Brown” is getting old.
    I used to think I was so creative. I’d think of something, a film idea or an invention or in this case a song idea and then feel ripped off when a month or two later I’d see my idea advertised. I realize that if my idea was already being promoted then it was already in production when I first thought of it and therefore I’m not all that creative but I am very psychic. Unfortunately I only use my psychic abilities to think of what the next Pet Rock is going to be but only after someone else has taken out the patent.

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