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Goodbye, Charlie

    I watched Charlie Harper’s televised funeral last night. Charlie Harper being the fictional character played by Charlie Sheen on the sitcom Two and A Half Men. Charlie, Harper, not Sheen, was apparently pushed in front of a subway car by jealous girlfriend, Rose. Most of the attendees of the funeral were former girlfriends who seemed to be there only to hurl insults. It is highly unlikely anyone jilted by Charlie would come to his funeral out of spite, he wasn’t evil, just typical. The worst thing about Charlie was that he seemed to have a lot of money so eventually getting kicked out of bed by him meant missing out on someday owning a Malibu beach house. Guys like me can be just as bad except there wasn’t that much to gain anyway so when it all ends, who cares?
    The problem I have with the killing off of Charlie Harper is that he was not ultimately the victim of his own selfish lifestyle. Maybe he was to the degree that he pissed off the wrong babe, but he didn’t die from drunk driving, or Cirrhosis of the liver, or falling down his stairs while intoxicated or drowning in the ocean while skinny-dipping, drunk. He was murdered. He never had to pay for his unhealthy lifestyle, suffered no repercussions from his alcoholism and in a recent episode, even was given a clean bill of health from a medical check up. So, it could be surmised that Charlie Harper’s indulgent and selfish behavior came from a deep, unconscious knowledge of his inevitably premature and senseless death so why not live for today, completely free to do as one wants? Charlie Sheen’s character of Charlie Harper wasn’t a “Rockstar from Mars” but an all too typical example of a Rockstar from Earth.

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