googled06bb313055e587a.html Rock N Roll Rehab for the Control Of Rock and Roll Starring Greg Piper and The Tooners: The Tooners’ Rock & Roll Rehab At The Universal Bar & Grill

The Tooners’ Rock & Roll Rehab At The Universal Bar & Grill

    The Tooners played their fourth gig last night at the Universal Bar & Grill on Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood. Since singer / bassist Greg Piper performs at the Hayworth Theater in the production of Just Imagine on the weekends the band has been taking the Wednesday night slot to do their Rock & Roll Rehab Show. Rock & Roll Rehab is like a “live TV Show” with a story that is told by Greg and illustrated on a large screen using video, animation and illustrations while the band plays the soundtrack live.
    The first performance at the Universal Bar & Grill was as a last minute substitution on April 20th, appropriately enough, without any time for promotion so they played to whoever happen to be in the bar, mostly members of the other bands. Because the Rock & Roll Rehab Show is fifty minutes long rather than the usual forty minutes allotted to each act, The Tooners took the opening slot so they could start early and get in the whole show.
    Over the course of the next three engagements their audience has swelled and last night the place was packed. The club’s promoter offered them Saturday nights which they may take since Just Imagine’s run at the Hayworth is scheduled to end next month, freeing up Greg on Saturdays.

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