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Our New Record, I Mean Tape, I Mean CD, DVD, Blueray, Download...

    The Tooners was conceived as a multimedia band that incorporates animation and illustration with music and lyrics and a few years ago we incorporated all we’d been working on for the past thirty years into an enhanced CD, The Tooners’ Trip Disk . The songs on The Tooners’ Trip Disk are playable on any audio CD player but put the same disk into the CD ROM drive of either a Macintosh or a PC and you get four full length animated music videos, two animated video clips, twenty full length songs including our entire Rocktasia CD. Three illustrated lyrics animatics, an assortment of rock and roll comics from PaperCuts Magazine, extensive personal illustrated bios on the members of The Tooners, games and tons of interactive surprises. In fact, The Tooners’ Trip Disk is designed to simulate the experience of surfing a rock band’s web site while coming on to acid. What at first seems a somewhat normal, if extensively illustrated and animated, web site becomes a surreal hallucinogenic experience when a mere unintentional move of the mouse over an invisible button trips an animation that gives the viewer the sensation of an LSD flashback. You can explore this disk for hours and not find all there is to find.
    This took quite a while and a lot of hard work to program and it seemed as soon as it was done downloadable MP3s replaced CDs, and therefore enhanced CDs, and made our new disc obsolete virtually overnight. This is extremely frustrating. When we finished our first animated, and award winning, music video we tried to get a distributor to distribute it on VHS tape (remember that?).  He loved it but wanted it on the new “enhanced CD” format. So we made our enhanced CD and took that to him. He loved it but now wanted it on DVD. And now it needs to be downloadable, and for free! Instead we put it all together along with our story of doing it all, and project it onto a big screen as we play our songs and tell our story live in the Rock & Roll Rehab Show. All this technology and we end up back on stage after all.

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