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Seth Speaks In Mysterious Ways

     The psychedelic music of my youth hinted at other states of consciousness and other dimensions of reality. Of course, this may have been due to the influence of LSD and other drugs the musicians of the time were ingesting but to my innocent mind it seemed a much more spiritual, creative and metaphysical direction the music was suggesting I take. When the psychedelic era gave way to Eastern Philosophy and Transcendental Meditation as espoused by the Beatles it convinced me there was something else "out there" and thus began a lifelong journey.
    Alan Watts was an early influence and I got very excited when I saw a poster advertising a lecture of his while I was a college student in San Diego. Unfortunately, he died before the scheduled date but I found a substitute that opened more doors in my mind than even the Beatles, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, Pink Floyd, the Doors and Iron Butterfly put together.
    I have been reading the Seth books by author Jane Roberts over and over again since the 1980s. At first I was impressed by the "feeling" that I understood the material even though I did not "think" that I could understand it. In the mid-nineties I had to learn how to "think" like a computer in order to understand it enough to be able to use one in my work producing animated music videos and recording my band, The Tooners. This shift in thinking processes made me think of the Seth material in a different way, perhaps with a different part of my brain.
    Although it is highly simplistic, I have found a way to comprehend the Seth material is to imagine I am a character in a video game, living in a video game world and Seth is a programmer speaking to me from beyond my video game reality and trying to explain not only my reality but the reality that lies beyond. This makes the usually incomprehensible concepts such as "time does not exist" a lot easier to understand.
    If I had the money I would commission a study on the Seth books. What I would like to do is catalog the things he says in his books that can be considered "facts". These would be put into different categories;

1. Statements that are known facts.
2. Things that are, at this point in time, "unknowable".
3. Facts that are held to be true today but were considered false when Seth first said them. 
4. Facts that Seth said that were considered true but are now thought to be false.

    Of these four categories I would be most interested in #3. Some of these are his concept of space being a solid rather than a vacuum as it was considered to be back in the 70s when this book was written; that "any cell in the body has the potential to become any other cell" which has only been proven to be the case recently due to stem cell research and that there are other dimensions of reality which Quantum Physics is now postulating.
    Why medical science hasn't seriously studied what he has to say about health and healing or why archaeologists haven't used the historical information he's given to find things such as more Dead Sea Scrolls and the hidden tunnel networks of ancient civilizations is probably because most "scientifically" oriented people cannot get beyond that the information had come from a "ghost", and they don't believe in ghosts.
    What I can't believe is that a housewife living in 1960s Elvira, New York, could write a dozen books over twenty years that explain EVERYTHING, including things that only now Quantum Physics is starting to understand, and do so in the presence of witnesses, dictating without notes and seemingly without any real understanding of the material she herself gave when not in a trace. That's real hard to swallow.
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