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  1. Hey - It used to be chasing chicks and looking them over, drooling over them, flirting with them was flattery to them . . . Not any more! Now you look at a chick and she'll give you that dirty look, or worse, call her attorney and sue you for sexual harassment!@

    I remember, back in the early 70's, I was barely 18 years old, and in California the 18 year old girls could go out to the night clubs but the guys had to wait until they turned 21. Rotten luck for us dudes. We were old enough to join the Army but not old enough to hang with girls the same age as us. That really pissed me off.

    One night, after chugging down a 6 pack of Colt 45's, my friend and I got the munchies and drove to Jack In The Box fast food drive-thru. As we were waiting in the drive thru line, we noticed 2 chicks in line in the car in front of us, so I got out of the car and asked them if they wanted to party with us. They said sure. So, they followed us to my friends house, whose parents were gone for the weekend.

    It wasn't long before we we all 'making out'! Then my friend and his girl disappeared upstairs. For me, ahh, a dream come true - the affection, the closeness, the touching, the caressing, the sensuality, the heavy breathing, the feeling out, the roaming tongue, etc. YEAH MAN! YEAH MAN! YEAH MAN! It didn't matter what she looked like! Not at all!

    But suddenly, this feeling came over me . . . Oh No . . I HAD TO THROW UP! So I excused myself (we were rolling on the carpet) and I went to the bathroom . . . and heaved, and heaved, and heaved! There went my Jack In The Box meal and tons of beer. I sure my breath smelled like the garbage cans in the back of a restaurant!

    So what did I do next? I bet you know . . . That's right . . . I went back to the girl on the carpet and resumed tonguing her for probably another hour until her friend came downstairs and the party was over.

    I'll never forget that night and I'm sure she won't forget either! I never saw her again.
    Rock and Roll!