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I Am A Stranger In An Even Stranger Land

I'm giving away my age but I remember a time when TV cartoons were aired in the mornings and music videos were aired late at night. I mentioned to my kids that MTV used to stand for Music Television  and now there are no music videos on MTV.
     "Yes there are," my son said. "They play them early in the morning. I watch them when I'm getting ready for school."
     Yet the cartoon shows, at least the new ones of which I am aware, get played late at night on shows like Adult Swim. Or they're on at prime time like The Simpsons, Family Guy, King Of The Hill, Futurama or American Dad.
     I knew I entered Bizarro Land or some sort of alternative universe back in December of 1980. Occasionally that happens and often it's subtle enough of a change that we may not notice it but in the world to which I was born no one would ever have shot John Lennon. After December of 1980 nothing made sense as it once would have.
     Not only would music videos not have been put on the air at 7:00 am and cartoons at 11:00 pm but Arnold Schwarzenegger would never have been elected govenor of California, Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy Jr. would not have died so young and Michael Jackson would not have turned snow white, or married Lisa Marie Presley. How did the genius psychics at the National Enquirer not see that one coming?

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