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Animator Jim Duffy

I know that with yesterday's post this blog is really going to be a downer but I just learned that an animator who was one of the gang at Murakami-Wolf Studios where I started in the 1970s just died.

Jim Duffy was a big, affable guy with a full beard, a beautiful young wife and twin baby girls when I first met him. I was an assistant animator and Jim was one of the crew of animators that I worked for during the production of the movie The Extraordinary Adventures Of The Mouse And His Child. Later he was one of the directors of the television series at Klasky-Csupo Productions where I worked with him as an Animation Timing Director on such shows as Rocket Power and The Wild Thornberrys.

Animation is a bit of a thankless job as the people who bring beloved characters to life do so in complete anonymity. Without them the ageless characters that seem to live forever couldn't exist at all yet they often live their entire lives without anyone but their closest friends and relatives knowing they are the very life force of these big stars. Jim Duffy was a star himself and those of us who knew him knew that. Rest in peace Jim.

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