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Goodbye Davy Jones, The Daydream Believer

Yesterday Davy Jones of the Monkees died and a little piece of my childhood died with him. I remember looking forward to the premier of The Monkees TV show as we neighborhood kids were fans of Last Train To Clarksville, the hit song released before the show was on the air. I even was a big enough fan to buy a song book of sheet music to the songs on their first album.

Over the years I have had some association with the Monkees in the 'Six Degrees of Separation' type. My parents had friends who lived down the street from where two of the Monkees were renting a house and complained to my mother that they were seen skinny dipping with young girls in their swimming pool late at night. This is a little more scandalous because the swimming pool was in the front yard with no wall or fence.

The Tooners' close friend and social media guru, Ami, also has known Micky Dolenz personally for quite a few years and before the advent of the home computer I was known to use 'White Out' from time to time.

Davy was 'the cute one' in The Monkees and like The Beatles on which they were modeled, it is difficult to think of the band without all four original members. The death at age sixty-six of Davy Jones is also the death of The Monkees. He, and they, will be missed.

So long, Davy.

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