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A Great Idea That didn’t Work

A neighbor of mine owned a state of the art rehearsal facility and told me he had this great idea. He was installing cameras in all the rehearsal studios to film the rehearsals then make those videos available to the public on a subscription basis.

At first I thought this was a pretty good idea. I would love to have my rehearsals videotaped so I could study them later. After all, don’t professional sports teams tape their practices?

The problem was his money making idea of letting the public pay to see my rehearsal tapes. No way would I want anyone to watch my rehearsals. We don’t even allow family or friends to visit when we rehearse. Rehearsals are NOT performances but are the time for learning and most importantly, the time for making mistakes and working out problems. I admit this can be extremely useful and educational for someone wanting to see what the Pros go through but I don’t want my dirty laundry exposed to the public. Why work hard to give a professional show as nearly flawless as possible just to ruin the entire effect by showing the blood and guts behind the illusion?

Apparently no one else thought it was a good idea either and my neighbor has since sold the business.

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