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Rock Of Ages Movie

As someone who was a part of the L.A. music scene of the 1980s and as someone involved in Rock and Roll Theater and the illustrating of rock music I feel compelled to go see the new movie based on the hit Broadway show, Rock Of Ages.

It features the hit music of the 80s and is about the Sunset Strip “Hairspray Metal” club scene. This would have included clubs such as Gazzarris, the Whisky, the Starwood, Filthy McNasty’s, The Central and, few blocks away from Sunset, The Troubadour. My band, Womanizer, was the house band for KWST nights at the Troub and we regularly played Filthy’s and The Central. The Whiskey was actually punk rock back then and we played at Gazzarris as an audition but didn’t get the gig.

I feel I need to see this movie but my wife has a real problem with Tom Cruise and won’t go with me. I never let my personal opinion of an actor keep me from enjoying a film, in fact, I rarely have a personal opinion about an actor. My wife refuses to watch John Wayne movies because of his politics but I couldn’t care less. I’m watching a cowboy up on the screen, not a yacht sailing right wing Republican.

I feel a bit funny going to a movie musical by myself so if anyone wants to go see this film let me know. It portrays a part of my life and times and I’m interested in knowing how we now look to the new generation. Yes, I’m a little surprised by the casting of Tom Cruise but I wouldn’t have thought he would have made a very good Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder either so I’ll give him a change.

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  1. I hear the movie is really gay . . . Broadway's interpretation of Rock N Roll. Let's all hold hands and be tame, yeah!