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A San Diego Rock And Roll Success Story

As a young student at San Diego State University in the 1970s I had a class assignment where I was suppose to interview a local businessman about how he got his start. A girl I knew had a friend who was one of the bigger concert promoters in San Diego and she set up an interview for me.

The guy I interviewed was not much older than I was yet was very successful as a concert promoter who regularly brought some of the world’s biggest rock bands to play at the San Diego Sports Arena, the largest venue in the city.

He had been a simple working stiff who, along with a friend, saved up $5000.00 from their salaries (non entertainment related jobs) and decided to promote a rock concert. They hired the L.A. band, The Byrds, and rented out the San Diego Sports Arena. This was somewhat past The Byrds peak as a major hit making act but they were still popular. I can’t remember the details but I do recall he said he and his friend had $5000.00 and lost $4500.00 on the show.

With their remaining $500.00 they rented an American Legion Hall and hired a local dance band. Their first dance made them a modest profit so they did it again the next weekend. Their weekend dances became so popular they were eventually able to return to the San Diego Sports Arena with big name artists.

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