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Toys For Codgers

The Baby Boomer generation is unique in that they are really the first American generation to have a group identity. The term ‘teenager’ wasn’t coined until the 1950s. Until then children were thought of as small, underdeveloped future adults. The Victorian Era parents were the first to develop the concept of a ‘childhood’ as something that is suppose to be carefree and fun. Before then childhood was something to be survived. Parents dressed their children like little versions of themselves and children started work as soon as they physically could.

The Baby Boomer generation cherishes the memories of their childhood and many are accused of being stuck in a perpetual adolescence. If certain members of the Baby Boomers have never really ‘grown up’ then as they age they may retreat even further back emotionally and mentally.

The product lines of the near future may be geared to this physically aging but emotionally and perhaps even mentally digressing population. In other words; toys for the old. A product specifically designed to give hours of enjoyment to people of a certain frame of mind with shared likes, memories and attention span.

Toys For Codgers
(An old person. Derives from coffin dodger.)

* Dolls that look like your children

* Pre-soaked toilet sponges (instead of toilet paper so you wash your hand while you wipe your ass)

* Tricycle walkers

* iPod hearing aids

* Medicine flavored candy

* Bathing suit pajamas (water proof with built in external catheters)

* Flavored oxygen tanks

* Padded bathtubs

* Video camera glasses that enlarge the image

* Safe plastic power tools

* Life size model car engine kits (plastic)

* Wheelchairs with extended forks, sissy bars, banana seats and metal flack paint jobs

* Hoop skirt bumpers to protect hips against fall

* Inflatable belt with compressed air canister that pushes people who have fallen into an upright position.

Please contribute additional Toys For Codgers ideas in the COMMENTS section below. Thank you, you'll make someone's Gramps very happy this holiday season.

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