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Music Sharing Isn’t What It Used To Be

I just listened to a music marketing webinar and like a lot of what I hear or read about music marketing these days it stressed social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They talked about ‘building a tribe”, a grouping of like-minded people who share the same tastes and interests but unlike in my day these are people who you don’t actually meet.

Remember when friends would get together, in person, not online, and spend the evening listening to music? Remember when every idiot on the street with a “boombox” shared his musical taste with everyone within earshot? What is the main sound system of today, an iPod? With an iPod you listen through “earbuds”, a better quality earphone of the transistor radio era. This allows for very private listening.

The only “sharing” of music these days is when someone burns you a copy of a CD, something from iTunes or from Youtube and you listen to it through your iPod. You share copies of the music but you don’t actually share the listening experience itself.

My college age sons always have their friends hanging out in their rooms and it’s their television sets that are always on, not the record player or the radio. TV and video game sound effects are the soundtrack to their lives.

Music soothes the savage beast and we still have plenty of those so why isn’t music still apart of young peoples’ lives? I mean the sharing of music by listening to the same song at the same time while in the same room. There are even raves where the music is broadcasted out to everyone’s iPhones. People are dancing to the same song but the music is going directly into their heads, it no longer “fills the air”. “The magic’s in the music and the music's in me”, but you can no longer hear it too.

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  1. Same with sex . . . used to be sharing love with another person was where it was at . . . now I get most of my action by watching the Internet . . . no complaints! . . . except the chase is gone. I used to live for the chase . . . Then I got married!

    The internet is always there for me! Who needs sharing anymore? . . . Yes, Dear.