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My Dream Job Became A Nightmare

When I was a kid I used to fantasize about a future where I could have a recording studio in my home. I dreamed of having a machine that could synthesize the sound of any instrument I wanted such as drums or an orchestra so I could produce records that sounded like I had access to dozens of musicians. Because I was so inspired by the movies Yellow Submarine and Fantasia I also dreamed about having the ability to make fully animated movies all by myself (I was a very imaginative child) and to create my own animated music videos although that term had yet to be coined. 
It was beyond even my wildest daydreams to imagine a world wide distribution system that allowed anyone in the world to view my work in the comfort of their own home and to buy a copy at the press of a button. Yet all that has come to pass. What I didn’t dream would ever happen is that the day would come when the public would expect all this hard work to be given to them for free. 
As a youth I dreamed of the day when I would become, through my own hard work and creativity, rich and famous. Now the opportunity is there for the famous part but the rich is even farther away than I ever dreamed it would be. I would gladly go back to having to pay $125.00 an hour to rent out a 24 track recording studio, pay session musicians, a producer and a radio promoter if it meant there was still an American public ready and willing to pay for a record if they liked the music. The genie is out of the bottle and we musicians are out of luck. 

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