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My Favorite High School Dance Bands

Since this is the week of my 40th high school reunion I thought I’d keep the high school theme and write about my favorite high school dance bands. For all you kids, a high school dance was where boys and girls could dance together to live music played by a local band of young people. There were also discos back then where “DJs” played records but the high schools usually put on a dance with a real band once a week, usually after a football game and held in the gym or auditorium (multipurpose room).

This won’t mean anyone who is under 55 years old and didn’t grow up in the West San Fernando Valley but if you did you just might remember;

1. The Realm
- This trio was my favorite. Somewhat British flavored in sound and appearance, they came from the five piece band The Union Jacks although they were all Californians (as far as I recall). Their standout tunes included Nights In White Satin by the Moody Blues and Country Comfort by Elton John.

2. The Born
- I’ve been told these guys were pros. The rumor was that Rick Derringer was the guitarist but I don’t know it that’s true. The pulled off the holly grail of cover tunes The Beatles’ And Your Bird Can Sing. Very impressive.

3. Smile
- Local guitar legend Michael Langdon had a great look and great licks but I can’t recall any specific tunes.

4. Fat Jack
- A trio lead by guitarist and fellow classmate Randy Grosnicholas (I know I’m spelling his name wrong, sorry). His playing Beck’s Boogie always blew me away.

5. Brim Stone
- These guys had a Latin flavor made popular by Santana and were the only band of which I was aware that played an original song. This band is the only one on my list that wasn't a trio.

If I’ve misspelled any of these names or if you know of anyone to add to the list please let me know in the COMMENTS box below.

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