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The Trifecta Of Musical Genre Flash In The Pans

Recently my brother -in -law attended the Van Halen shows at the Staples Center in L.A. He didn’t seem to enjoy it very much and said he was never a big fan like I was. Too bad he didn’t enjoy the show but I wasn't a big fan either. My brother worked for them, I got to see them several times in concert (for free) and as a guitar player I certainly appreciated the musicianship of the entire band but I was too old for the Sunset Strip Heavy Metal scene. 

Even though my band Womanizer was getting acceptance in that scene we thought of ourselves as a "skinny tie" New Wave band like the Knack or the Cars but the Troubadour had us as a house band on KWST nights which was for a San Gabriel Valley Heavy Metal station and Blam Magazine gave us a good review and described us as "entertaining, energized Pop Metal" which freaked me out.

I guess I bet on the wrong horse. Metal is still around today (like Punk and Rap, two other genres I never thought would last) and New Wave lasted all of about 18 months. Before starting my New Wave band in the late Seventies I was in a Psychedelic band in the late Sixties / early Seventies. Another flash in the pan genre. Even Disco bands can get gigs today. The other style I really like, although much too tough for me to play, was Prog Rock. I guess I don’t have the taste of the masses that’s needed to sustain a long term career in music.

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