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The True Meaning Of Rock And Roll Band Names

The names of Rock & Roll bands are often quite cryptic. John Lennon said The Beatles were named after Buddy Holly’s Crickets but in his book former drummer Pete Best claimed The Beatles were named after the Beat bands and Beat music of the time period. Named after The Beat Generation, a term coined by Jack Kerouac to describe the returning World War Two vets’ disenfranchisement, The Beatles name had the same basic meaning that Metallica had to Metal Music years later. According to Best this was found to be presumptuous and pretentious by the other Merseyside bands.

Rock band names can be shrouded in myth and mystery so luckily for you, we know the real inside poop on how and why your favorite bands have the names they have. Some examples are:

Linkin Park - A public park where young lovers “link in” (have sex) in the restroom.

The Strawberry Alarm Clock - The surprise of a young girl’s first menstruation.

Lothar And The Hand People - Hand lotion used to masturbate with.

Nine Inch Nails - A nine inch part of the male anatomy used to “nail” females.

The Offspring - The “spring” of fluid that follows “getting off”.

Pearl Jam - Ejaculate

Pink Floyd - A pale Englishman’s pet name for his member.

Radiohead - What a young guy gets from his girlfriend while listening to the radio in his car.

The Rolling Stones - The action of a man’s testicles while having sex.

The Kinks - Sexual kinks.

Steely Dan - A dildo.

Ten CC - The weight of a spoonful of male ejaculate.

Van Halen - The practice of sniffing the fumes from the exhaust pipe of a Chevy van.

The Moody Blues - A painful medical condition of the testicles.

Led Zeppelin - A particularly weighty male organ.

Husker Du - A guy who likes heavy women.

Bad Finger - The middle finger of a male’s hand.

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