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Chuck E. Cheese Is Now A Rock Star

When my kids were little they loved me to take them to Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theater, a pizza parlor with animatronic characters that put on a song and dance show, well, a song show, they couldn’t dance worth a squat.

Now I read where they’re giving Chuck E. a makeover into a rock star. One Chuck E. Cheese already had an Elvis Hound Dog character and in the Reseda store they had The Beagles, a British Invasion band of dogs. Chuck himself was this big, fat rat with a Jersey accent and attitude, just the kind of character you want representing your family eating establishment.

The last time I went to a Chuck’s I was suppose to rehearse with the band and got to the rehearsal hall an hour early, I couldn’t wait, so to kill time I went to Chuck E. Cheese thinking I’d have a beer and play some arcade games. They made me give them my driver’s license which they swiped through some machine to determine if I was on some sexual predator list. I guess it’s like John Stewart of The Daily Show said, “Not every man with a mustache is a pedophile but every pedophile has a mustache.” First I have to show my ID to prove I’m old enough to get into an eating and drinking establishment and now I have to show ID because I’m too old.

I don’t care if Chuck E. Cheese is now a rock star, I doubt I’ll ever go back there and I don’t care that Ricki Lee Jones ever wrote a song about him.

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