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Justin Bieber And Herman’s Hermits

Justin Bieber, mega-Internet Pop Star, was been getting in trouble recently. Not for drugs, not because of some kind of sex scandal but because he was speeding on the freeway. Why do I know this? I got a ticket speeding on the freeway in a Prius. So what? Anyone can get ticketed for speeding on the freeway, which, by the way, EVERYONE DOES!

It must be frustrating to be a cop and every time you drive your police cruiser onto the freeway everyone around you is doing 55 to 65 mph, but when you’re out of uniform and driving your family car you see that everybody does eighty! When you can legally speed, in your police car and in uniform, you’re always stuck in traffic going sixty-five. That must suck.

Justin used the excuse that paparazzi was following him and he was trying to get away.  Why not try rolling up your window first? Justin is the new generation’s version of Peter Noone. He even stole his hair style. For those of you who are Justin Bieber fans I’ll explain who Peter Noone is. Peter Noone was the lead singer for an English rock band back during the British Invasion. That’s 1964, not the one in your History class. He fronted a band called Herman’s Hermits. Although there was no Herman in the band. They took the name from an American TV cartoon character. They also appealed to a very young audience. Say what you want about Justin Beiber but Peter Noone is still around and performing, so there!

 The Justin of the 60s

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