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The Placebo Effect For Viral Videos

I just watched a Youtube video called “I’m Farming And I Grow It” made by a Kansas State University student. It’s a spoof on the LMFAO song “Sexy And I Know It”. It’s a cute video featuring three brothers singing as they go about their chores on the family farm but the reason I watched it was because Yahoo News said it’s had 3.2 million views since being posted on Youtube on June 25, 2012.

Why would this video go viral to the point of 3.2 million views in less than two weeks? Well, why did I just add to that list? It’s because Yahoo told me 3.2 million people had already seen it so I wanted to see why.

What I’ve come to believe is not that the creativity and inventiveness of a video is what makes it go viral but what makes a video go viral is simply telling people that the video is going viral. We are as much cattle as the creatures featured in this video and if we think the rest of the herd is doing something then, dagnabbit, we wanna do it too!

I’m going to try a little experiment in the next couple of weeks and ask all of you loyal Rock & Roll Rehab blog readers to email your friends or post on your Facebook page that a particular video is going viral. I want to see if, with no other description or endorsement, simply putting the word out that a video is going viral will actually make a video go viral. I’ll going to pick a particularly lame video for this experiment so it’s obviously NOT the video itself that is causing its popularity. I know, I think I’ll use The Tooners Shred video!

Stay tuned for the official release date. Coming soon!

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