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Raising The Rock And Roll Dead

What’s going on here? Am I being given a sign from the cosmos or is it just hopeful thinking? I’m referring to the current rash of articles in the media about old rockers whose work from the 70s is getting rediscovered, or discovered for the first time.

First it was the Emerson Brothers’ Dreamin’ Wild recorded back in 1978 and now there’s a story about a “Chicano Bob Dylan” who recorded two albums in the 70s that lead to a thirty year career as a construction worker in Detroit. But unbeknownst to the musician Sixto Rodriguez his music caught on big time in South Africa, of all places.

Sixto Rodriguez is now the subject of a documentary called Searching for Sugar Man which is about how a failed Latino musician became a huge star on the other side of the world without even him knowing about it.

Sixto Rodriguez is now enjoying at least the notoriety from his music that he wished he had received forty years ago with performances at the Grammy Museum and the documentary about him opening in New York and Los Angeles. I guess it’s better late than never.

By the way, 2013 will be the 20th anniversary of The Tooners’ classic Rocktasia CD. I wonder if we’re big in Estonia?

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