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Rock And Roll Fireworks Shows

Now that all the fireworks are over from the 4th of July I am reminded of a pretty spectacular fireworks display I saw once at a rock concert. What impressed me about this show was that it was indoors. Naturally I remembered the Great White show disaster where a hundred fans burned to death when the band’s pyrotechnics caught the sound insulation on the back wall of the stage on fire but this show went off without a hitch, thank God.

It was Green Day and Blink 182 at the Inglewood Forum, a place where I saw Cream many, many years before. My son was a big fan of punk band Blink 182 so I took him and a friend. For a couple of bands that dressed in short pants and black T-shirts and played three chord Punk Rock a full scale fireworks displayed seemed rather inappropriate and over the top. The fireworks were miniature versions of the typical Forth of July fireworks, shooting about 20 feet high rather than 200 feet but looked just like a real fireworks show, a long distance away.

It was pretty impressive but the rest of the concert was hard to see for all the smoke in the hall and our clothes stunk all the way home.

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