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Strange Days, Indeed

The Moody Blues put out an album in the late 1990s called Strange Times. I think they were referring to then but now is getting outright weird. I read about this highly anticipated “art show” called Levitated Mass. The “artist” transported a huge boulder across the country then stuck it over a pathway made of concrete walls. The quote in the Times which was reprinted in the L.A. Weekly was “The Pharaohs would be proud.” Are they kidding? The Pharaohs would have said, “Okay, you’ve got the rock into place, now carve it into something.” These guys, the Egyptians, carved giant statues out of mountainsides, they would not be impressed by a raw boulder sitting on a couple of walls. And how is this a “levitated” mass?  It’s not levitated, it’s suspended, something completely different. This isn’t even ironic. Some real artist should sneak in at night and carve this rock into something, although he’ll get arrested for vandalism of an expensive (something like ten million dollars!) work of art but he’d earn my respect.

In the same issue of L.A. Weekly, which I always imagine the show Californication is based on as clearly Hank Moody’s writing style and lifestyle are straight from its pages, was an article about a show or event called The Lolita Tea Party. This had a photo of a Japanese woman dolled up (literally) to look like an Anime character, in other words, as a huge eyed, ultra sexy little girl. Even the name, The Lolita Tea Party suggests a pedophile’s fantasy. What is going on here? Are we trying to remove the stigma of pedophilia as if it’s one of society’s taboos that we are now so advanced as to rise above, as in “pedophiles are people too and have their rights”? I can’t believe the show Toddlers And Tiaras is even on the air. How is this all right? Is this all a plan to give pedophiles something “acceptable” with which to indulge themselves so maybe they’ll leave the kids on the street alone, or are we all just going insane? The Moody Blues have no idea.

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