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Are We Famous Yet?

All this talk about Sixto Rodriguez and how someone could become famous in another country, sell music to a whole other culture of adoring fans and he, the artist, has no clue got me thinking; What if my band is famous somewhere else? What if our CD is a huge seller and we have legions of fans somewhere? How would I know? Well, one way is to do a Google search, which I did. The following are a SMALL sampling of the foreign web sites that are offering our CD, The Tooners’ Rocktasia, for sale. (? Spanish) (the UK) (New Zealand) (Danish?) (Spanish?) (Ireland) (France) (German) (France) (Japan) (India) (Poland?) (China?) (Europe?)

There are many sites that have a URL in a foreign language that my computer can’t translate but they seem mid-eastern or South East Asian and some of the above sites sell to multiple countries, mostly European, so I only included one site as an example.

I have no idea if any of these sites have sold any of our CDs but I suspect that if they have I will never hear about it. I’ll say one thing, getting distribution of your CD through CD Baby really gets it out there.

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