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Is It Really The Monkees Without Davy?

The Monkees have announced they’re going on tour. The tour kicks off Nov. 8 in Escondido, Calif. It wraps on Dec. 2 in New York. It will highlight the late Davy Jones "in the show's multimedia content." The Monkees have toured several times before but it’s never been with Mike Nesmith. My question is why does he want to be a Monkee again, now?

Here are some possible reasons:

1. He wants to pay tribute to his friend and band mate the late Davy Jones.

2. He always wanted to tour with the Monkees but had a feud going with Davy but now that’s he’s gone he’s good to go.

3. Home computers and word processors have completely wiped out the White Out market and now he needs the cash as much as the other guys.

4. Davy’s death has awaken in him his own sense of mortality and he wants to party before it’s too late.

5. He’s doing it to impress his grand kids.

Whatever the reason it will be interesting to see sixty-five year old Monkees. I think they should give them their own sitcom. The Monkees as old guys brought back together by the death of their band mate and deciding to get the band back together for one more tour. I’ve got the pilot and the first season’s log lines, call me guys!

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