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Russia Sues Madonna

You know Communism is truly over when Russia uses the court system instead of the Gulag system. That’s the good news, the bad news, or humorous news depending on whether you care if Madonna ever gets to play in Moscow again, is that they’re using their new weapon to attack artists.

First they sentence three members of the Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot to two years for being part of a “flash mob”, singing an anti-Putin song inside a church. The church officials officially “forgave” Pussy Riot for their “hooliganism” and inappropriate behavior in a house of God but Putin isn’t so forgiving.

If a punk band get two years in jail for singing in church what do you think Madonna gets for  showing her support for the LGBT community by saying “show your love and appreciation to the gay community” during a concert in St. Petersburg? She gets sued for TEN MILLION DOLLARS! Who is running this place, Doctor Evil?  Ten million dollars, not rubles, for “moral damages”. Has no one in Russia ever seen Madonna before? This is laughable if were not for the fact that these guys are nuttier than our own Republican party and if given the chance they certainly would try to collect the money from Madonna, or throw her in prison. At least in America we have two political parties, and three branches of government, to try and balance out the whackos.

Rock and Roll, in fact, a lot of Western culture, is like disease, as the USSR liked to say. They were absolutely right. By allowing it to exist and letting it grow, subtlety and over time, we’ve been able to adapt and work up a tolerance for it but when introduced into a foreign system like Russia they get sick from it. Eventually they’ll catch on and their “tolerance” will go up but until it does they’re going to have to deal with a lot of headaches.

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