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How To Shoot A Guaranteed Viral Video Part 1

    These days we are all craving the fifteen minutes of fame Andy Warhol promised us back in the Sixties. At least he promised our parents that but now we want it. Reality Shows certainly help to fulfill this promise but it is the Internet that really holds the greatest possibility that everyday slobs like us can achieve our dreams of glory. A simple home video shot on equipment no more expensive than a cell phone can now be seen by millions of people worldwide. Our clips can even make it onto network television on shows like Tosh.0 or even used as TV commercials. Although it is ridiculously simple to produce a potential viral video there are some basic dos and don’ts. First the don’ts;

* Don’t use alcohol. Although alcohol seems to be involved in a lot of the crazy stunt videos seen on Youtube and using it as a lube almost always results in hilarious antics from your crazy friends, it also introduces a wild card element into what should be a somewhat controlled situation. Out of control may be what you’re hoping for but for your subject, not for your equipment. Unleashing the God of Mayhem may result in the funniest clip ever when your friend, drunk on both booze and the spotlight of the camera, does things no sober person would ever do, but if he turns on you and your expensive camera gear, you’re in big trouble.

* Don’t use drugs. This is actually for the opposite reason than not using alcohol as having your subject nodding off may open up opportunity for funny pranks on him but any hilarious things he may say while under the influence may be unintelligible and his lethargic demeanor just doesn’t generate the kind of comedic energy to make for a really great viral video. There is also the danger with combustibles that the camera crew can suffer a contact high and blow the entire shooting schedule and budget on pizza rolls.

* Don’t involve children. Although kids in videos can be adorable and make for very popular clips, it is a fine line between adorable and exploitive and abusive.

* Don’t shoot clips that will embarrass your mother. Showing the world your mother tripping down stairs and revealing her lack of underwear my seem like the funniest thing you’ve ever seen, when you’re fourteen. You will grow to regret this and the kind of fame you will receive for both yourself and your family will not be the kind you so crave. Besides, your father is always fair game.

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