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Yoko Ono, The Jimmy Carter Of Rock And Roll

It’s funny that Yoko Ono has become the world’s ambassador of Rock and Roll. She recently gave the Lennon-Ono Grant for Peace of $50,000.00 to Russian Punk Protest band Pussy Riot. I suppose Yoko is the only multimillionaire philanthropist who focuses on the world of Rock & Roll and pop culture since she was such a part of that world, even if it was through marriage. If not for her things like a peace prize would probably have never gone to something like a punk band. By giving the band the prize what she’s really doing is helping Pussy Riot draw attention to the Russian government’s system of intolerance.

 Not too many people think of Yoko Ono as a singer or as a Pop star in her own right, she is most often considered a conceptual artist who attached herself to John Lennon mostly in an attempt to promote herself but because of being a step or two removed from Rock she is more effective as a spokesperson for it.

Using Rock and Roll as a form of protest sure beats the hell out of burning embassies and murdering ambassadors and now it’s even more profitable. What are the chances that Pussy Riot will not be offered an American major label record contract? I’d put those chances at slim and none. Pussy Riot has made themselves one of the most famous Punk bands in the world, they’re all girls, and they’re kind of cute. Win-win-win, if they could just get out of prison.

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