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I Love Rock N Roll Sluts

What do sluts and Rock n Roll have in common?  And, why did a lot of us get into rock n Roll in the first place?  For me, it was seeing The Beatles first performing on the Ed Sullivan Show way back in the 60's, 1964 to be exact.  That is what pressed my trigger.  That was the first day of my girl awareness and musical life, to be sure.  I mean, come on, the Beatles music was deceptively simple, guys singing about love and holding hands, twisting and shouting, and they obviously stood out from the rest of the norm.  Let's face it, all the girls were screaming mad for them.  The shrills became part of their live music trip.  Hot babes losing it over a pop band.  Yeah, baby!  You don't see that kind of response from girls at most other jobs except perhaps having your teeth pulled or having a baby.  If I were the doctor, I'd be the one screaming . . .

Now, these young teenagers and younger were not old enough to be sluts back then . . . but a lot of them grew up to be sluts, to be sure!  Oh, you ask, what is a slut?  definition:  a slovenly or promiscuous woman.  Humm - guys in rock bands love sluts . . . LOVE SLUTS!  And can you blame them?  Not only do male musicians love sluts, but men of all types of life dig sluts.  Don't be fooled by what guys say . . . they do!  But back to musicians . . . unless you have a lot of money that can 'buy' the opposite sex (and I don't mean prostitutes necessarily) it's the musicians who have the best shot at getting some action from these sex-desiring lovers. 

How can you tell a slut from a non-slut?  Open your eyes . . . holes in their clothes or a skirt 9 inches above her knees, heavy make-up, probably drinking or on something . . . and not a whole lot to talk about!  WOW - I LIKE!  Or, any chick that approaches you after a gig to have some fun . . . and has some fun!

Now I know a lot of people put sluts down . . .  but not me!  I applaud them for their contributions to musicians because being a musician is not an easy life.  No retirement, no money to be made, hell, they don't even teach rock n roll in school, do they?  Maybe now there are history coursed on Rock N Roll.  And the life of most performing Rockers doesn't go past 25 years old . . .  especially if you meet a marrying type . . .  it's off to get a day job.

Anyway, I'm not much of a writer (it's obvious, huh) but other than the the major risk of life threatening diseases and the sort from banging slut after slut, I get very excited about the possibility of banging sluts . . . all the time.  And that's what fantasies are all about, RIGHT! 

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