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Rock n Roll and social media marketing

Wikipedia says: Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.  The same is true with Rock N Roll social marketing.  It is no longer enough to just have great music, great songs or a great band if you want to be known beyond your inner circles.  And this is the biggest challenge for artists and musicians because the good ones for the most part are exactly that . .  great artists and musicians.  Now they have to pretend to be what they are not . . . marketers.

For a band or artist to think they can also be in the business of advertising and marketing / even social marketing is beyond the reach of most.  Oh, it's simple, they say.  Just get a Facebook or Google+ page up, set up a twitter account and start tweeting, start a Youtube presence, create content, respond to comments, encourage readers to share your stuff, re-tweet, re-post, set up squeeze pages to gather a mailing list, set up an auto-responder with multiple messages to go out for those who sign up to your email list, have contests, giveaways, promote your shows, etc, etc....

IT'S EASY!!!  NOT!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING!!! Don't think you or your band can just do this. You'll have no time left to be creative, an artist or pay your bills.  That is the artist's biggest dilemna.  Social media and marketing are really jobs for professionals.  You need somebody who is as good as social media as you are at being an artist or band.

Show me a band or artist that is doing all of this and I'll bet there is a marketing team or fan base behind it all.  And that is the new way an artist has to go if you expect any kind of real success or world recognition.  It's not that the strategy is wrong . . . it's just that you are up against time, money and other bands/artists with a team behind them. It's not a one person job. 

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