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Rock N Roll Groupies

Rock N Roll Groupies - Yes the lifeblood of musicians!  You're not a successful band if you don't have groupies.  Groupies are fans that go above and beyond the call of normal fans.  Groupies attend most of your gigs, some even traveling to all parts of the world to follow you.  They are always being social with your activities and online presence.  They want to feel like they are part of your family.  I would say the importance of Groupies comes right after your sound man, if you have one.  Otherwise, they are #1 in importance to many bands.

Groupies come in all ways and manners, no pun intended.  Some are into sex, most are into your music, and many are just plain into you!  Your band becomes a central focus for them in so many ways.  They'll constantly give you gifts, do favors, and can be extremely influential in getting others to come to your gigs, and more.  Some seem to not have their own lives and your band or you are their cause and reason for living.  Some Groupies know more about your music and trip then even you do.  They can be quite fanatic in that sense.

I love Groupies as they bring a sense of comfort, friendship and optimism to the scene.  I love music and rock n roll, yes, but it's nice to know you are loved, right?  The true test of knowing you have a good band is having Groupies . . . Can you name a good band without Groupies?  I can't! 

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