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Rock N Roll School

Rock N Roll Schools are here!  But when I was growing up there was no such thing.  Even when I applied to 4 different colleges and universities back in the 70's there were no classes in Rock n Roll, which was all I really wanted to do.  Back then they were only offering instruction in music theory, notation, sight reading, classical and orchestration.  Granted, these can be very useful to some but have nothing to do with rock music.  It's great if you want to be a studio musician or play in a symphony orchestra.  But this was a discipline beyond my interest or ability.

I have to admit I did take music lessons for the first 6 months of learning guitar (folk lessons - learning chords and songs from the last century) and played in my grade school orchestra playing trumpet, which gave me a basic understanding of music in general, but if the Beatles didn't come out I'm sure I would have just quit playing music completely from boredom and non interest. 

ALAS - In the past decade, now that rock music is more and more becoming a historical genre along with classical and other styles of music, there are at least private organizations and even some schools teaching rock music and how to play in a rock band.  How cool is that?  For me it is.  Now when you see your kid performing at school, they are at least playing music that is of the style I/we old timers grew up with.  And some of these kids really rock! 

Now when you see your kid playing an instrument in a band whether awkwardky or not at a school performance, at least the amplified music and feel is cool and not of a style an ancient time.  And that's what I like!  Rock on kids!

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