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Rock N Roll Wigs

Rock N Roll Wigs are a necessity for some players like me who are growing old with receding hair lines and/or baldness.  Is that a problem?  Hell no.  Heck, my first job, I had to wear a wig, but not to make my hair longer . . . I had to get a wig to hide my long hair for my day job.   I've had many jobs that easily paid twice as much as I got paid to play music, but I learned real quick it was never about the money.  I hated those day jobs.  It was . . . and is . . . always about the lifestyle!  And, I'd much rather get by playing and living the rock n roll scene than rich and bored or unhappy doing menial busy-work.

Back to Rock N Roll wigs.  The cool thing about wigs is you can actually pretend you are someone else, lose your inhibitions and just rock.  Wigs can make you look a lot younger and extend your musical career.  I remember back in the day I auditioned for a band and they hired me.  We took a road trip to their home land, the great northern state of Washington, and everything was cool until we went to a restaurant/bar where they checked your ID.  The other band cats were 19 to 21 years old.  The lame doorman announced my birth date for the other band members to hear.  Needless to say, they didn't want a 31 year old in the band and that was my last gig.  I should have both worn a wig and gotten a fake YOUNGER ID!

I've been wearing wigs a lot in bands mainly because I've played in a lot of tribute bands.  Why tribute bands?  Because they pay!  And I chose to play in tribute bands whose music I enjoy to play.  Otherwise, at least in Los Angeles, it's PAY to PLAY, if you are going to play the original scene . . . right, like LA even has a music scene anymore.

OK - I've rambled enough for this writing but other than the importance and passion for good music, which is #1 in my book, your image can go a long way to keeping your rock n roll dreams alive!  Just ask KISS! 

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