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Happy Holidays If The World Doesn’t End

Outside of Rock & Roll, one of my favorite subjects is metaphysics. I especially like the Seth books by Jane Roberts and the books of Graham Hancock. This is an interest I share with the other members of the Tooners (at least the original members). One of the things I’ve learned recently was that the old myths from everyone from the Egyptians, the Greeks, The Mayans and Incas and even the Norse myths were written as a way to preserve knowledge, mostly knowledge of astronomy, with the context of great entertainment. Although they read like exciting adventure stories full of Gods and heroes they really are a way to tell future generations about eclipses, solar years, equinoxes and other useful information used in planting and harvesting food, predicting floods and droughts and other things deemed important. If the priests and temples of a society were destroyed by invaders the knowledge of these things taught to the priests and shaman would survive as popular folk tales. This is why so many of the legends and myths from disparate societies scattered all around the globe sound so similar.

In his book Fingerprints of the Gods Graham Hancock builds a case for the Earth tilting on its axis on December 21, 2012. Being in Southern California and living west of the San Andreas Fault, if the tilt does happen I may not be around for Christmas, but if it doesn’t then I’ll continue my quest to find a good “family oriented” story to build a new Tooners show around. A story that concerns metaphysical ideas appeals to me but those ideas may have to buried within a more typical adventure story.

Back in the Eighties when New Age ideas we’re becoming popular, someone I knew at an animation studio told me about a show idea the studio was pitching where the characters gained power through crystals worn around their necks. The idea was that toy jewelry of the crystal necklaces could be sold to kids as ancillary products. The show idea was scrapped when the studio learned that anything associated with New Age ideas was considered “of the Devil” by religious groups. New York and the West Coast were okay but the Midwest and the Bible belt would have no part of it and the investors didn’t want to be involved with a product that wouldn’t sell to most of the country.

Another aspect of metaphysical ideas is the psychedelic side of entering other dimensions and realms of alternative realities through the use of drugs which is complete no no when it comes to selling to kids. Even the religious aspect of Native American and Mexican, Central and South American Shamanic practices isn’t a feasible angle as they include both drugs and “non-Christian” religions.

This leaves Science Fiction and Fantasy, both well used vehicles for metaphysical ideas but way too over used. Somewhere, in another dimension of a probable reality the show we want to do already exists and I’ve got to let the “memory” of that future event present itself. It’s exciting to think what it will be.

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