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Drummers Seem To Go First

The drummer of my first band (that had a drummer) died this week. Randy Runyon was one of the most interesting people I knew growing up. His father had a children's TV show as Chucko The Birthday Clown and Randy grew up as the original "Circus Boy". Not only was he a fine drummer as a Sixth grader but also an expert unicyclist and as Chucko Jr. he worked with his dad until 1984 when his father retired and he officially became Chucko The Clown. For details on our history  CLICK HERE.

Randy didn't have an easy life (details HERE) but an interesting one to be sure. We talked briefly in the mid-eighties before losing touch again until this past year when we discussed the possibility of a clown oriented reality show. I knew he had a few tough years but didn't know of his health problems. I'm just glad we had a chance to reconnect after all these years one more time.

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