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My Neighbor Debbie

In 1985 my new bride and I moved into a new neighborhood and our next door neighbors were a young couple like ourselves. I wrote about this family previously (CLICK HERE) concerning a music related story but today I'm writing because Debbie, the wife and mother of four died this week. 

Debbie was a lovely person and made me just plain feel happy whenever I'd see her. We kept in touch after we moved away from the old neighborhood but I haven't seen her much in the past few years. I guess four kids and cancer keeps you pretty busy. Debbie represents part of what I consider to be the happiest time of my life and her passing is a sadness that comes on top of a series of personal losses this past year. I don't want this blog to turn into an obituary but she's the fourth person to die within a year that represented a part of my life. If this blog is good for anything it's good for saying goodbye. Even if only to myself.

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