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Rock & Roll Defects

KISS Star Paul Stanley Deaf In One Ear Recap KISS legend Paul Stanley revealed in an article for CNN that he was born 'virtually deaf' in his right ear.

Yeah? So what? Brian Wilson is deaf in one ear and Pete Townshend has Tinnitus so bad his ears ring constantly, Jerry Garcia played guitar and was missing a finger... Okay, to be fair Garcia was missing half his ring finger on his right hand which really wouldn't affect his playing much unless he wanted to finger-pick. A surprisingly many times what someone sees as a handicap directly leads to their excelling at something. Look at it this way, Paul Stanley only had half as much a chance to get an earache from listening to KISS music as the rest of the band.

Elvis Presley was self conscious of his long neck and that's why he turned up the collars on his shirt giving him a very cool, mysterious and sexy look. And John Lennon's hipper than hip stare down his Roman nose was caused due to the fact that he was blind as a bat  and was squinting to see past that nose.

Ann Wilson in an interview in Rock Cellar Magazine recently said that having a bad stutter as a child directly lead to her becoming a singer and it is directly because of my being terrible at absolutely everything I tried to do that I am now writing a blog. See, everything works out the way it's suppose to in the end.

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