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The Guitar Gene Pool Gone Horribly Wrong

Levon Ritter has written an article for about The 6 Most Ridiculous Guitar Designs. I'm not going to steal his work so go check it out when you're done here. When my sons first tried to turn me on to I scoffed as being a cartoonist I remember Cracked Magazine as a cheap imitation of my beloved MAD Magazine and I've never forgiven them for stealing MAD's maddest artist, Don Martin. But is nothing like the old Cracked Magazine.

First off, doesn't have any cartoons, all their articles are illustrated with photographs. The site isn't a parody of other websites or a satire on TV shows or movies but consists of lists of things described in a humorous and mostly uncensored fashion. Ironically, it has become a source of educational material for me and I learn quite a lot from the site. That is providing the information they give is factual and not just completely fabricated in which case the site isn't funny enough. If what they're telling you is true then the way they presented it is pretty funny but if it's all BS then it should be a whole lot funnier. I'm pretty sure their info is for real and most of it is really fascinating.

In Levon Ritter's article he has found a half dozen photos of guitars that look as if they were built as a joke. His list doesn't include the Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick five neck guitar so you know if he didn't include that one the ones he did include are pretty bizarre.

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