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The Heart Of Rock & Roll

I just read that Charlie Daniels of the Charlie Daniels' Band has had surgery to install a pacemaker. Since it will have happened last week by the time anyone can read this post I'll assume he's still okay. I know three people who had recently had pacemakers installed and they not only say they feel better but actually said they felt GREAT immediately after having it installed. It seems having your heart working well again really makes a difference.

My late brother told me a story once about Charlie Daniels. My brother was working as the body guard for the band Van Halen and while on tour the band played a festival with the Charlie Daniels' Band. After the show someone from the band invited him to a card game. He told me he had a real enjoyable time playing cards with Charlie Daniels' road crew and band members and that everyone was real relaxed and friendly which was a rarity for him. He said it was always a treat to get together with the road crew guys when the band members and their management weren't around as it was only then that they could relax and not worry about what "the boss" would think.

Well into the game full of light hearted banter and jokes he heard someone call the older white bearded gentleman dealing the cards, whom he had assumed was just another one of the roadies, "Charlie" and he realized he had been playing cards with the boss himself, Charlie Daniels. This made a huge impression on him that the road crew could so easily and comfortably associate with the "star" of the show while in his situation with Van Halen the crew guys were always on guard and uptight around the Van Halen band members or Noel Monk, the band's manager.

Dwayne always held Charlie Daniels in the highest regard after that and I guess he's someone who has a heart worth repairing. 

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