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Later, Jools Holland

I don't know who this Englishman, Jools Holland is but he's got a pretty cool TV show. Later... With Jools Holland is a LIVE music show, something unusual these days, that airs on Palladia. It's shot in a large TV studio with a live audience and five stages each with a different band. Jools walks around in a circle introducing the acts which then play live, to the other bands. That's right, the other four bands just stand there and watch as one of them plays. What makes this really special is the calibre of musical guests this show pulls in; Paul McCartney, Tom Waits, Eric Clapton, Elvis Costello, Metallica, The Black Keys, Radiohead, REM, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele and the list goes on.

Imagine being one of the young and relatively unknown bands that are featured along with the superstars and have to play LIVE while Eric Clapton sits there doodling along on his guitar as he watches you. Talk about trial by fire! The production values (sound, lighting, etc.) is excellent and I've yet to be anything but impressed by virtually all the performances.

Because of this show I am becoming a music fan all over again. I'm not too impressed by the music I hear on the radio but when I see a band play live, even the Black Keys who I didn't care for when I hear them on the radio, impress me when I saw them on Later... 

Check it out if you get Palladia on your cable TV.

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