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The Apprentice

I like to watch The Celebrity Apprentice, the Donald Trump hosted "reality" TV show. Whenever I tell people this I always hear; "Ugh! I can't stand Donald Trump!" but not watching The Celebrity Apprentice because of Donald Trump is like not watching The Twilight Zone because you don't like Rod Serling (who doesn't like Rod Serling?!). Having to deal with a douchebag boss is part of the learning experience of the show and the show is a very good learning experience, especially if you're interested in a career in Show Business.

I also watched The Apprentice which was the show using non celebrities (real people) who played for the prize of a job rather than celebrities playing to raise money for charity, which is a nice thing to do. I used to watch game shows growing up in the Sixties where people played for cash and prizes, not the privilege of having a job (a sign of the times). A woman who worked with my wife was on the last edition of regular The Apprentice (she didn't win). The challenges the contestants are given each week often consist of very creative problems that must be solved within a very tight time frame which is how it is in real life.

What would I say is the main lesson to be learned from the show The Celebrity Apprentice? It illustrates the sad but true fact that those would are incompetent have their days numbered but those who are the best at what they do have the biggest targets on their backs. It is the quite, unassuming people who no one seems to really notice that are still standing at the end. It is as bad to be the BEST as it is to be the WORST at whatever it is you do. The rabbit loses the race and the turtle who no one saw coming slowly creeps up to the finish line when no one is looking. This certainly isn't the lesson anyone would teach their kids but time and again it is vividly illustrated on these so-called "reality" shows. In this case it doesn't matter if these shows illustrate reality or if reality is molded by them, in life it is "the squeaky wheel that gets the grease" and "it's the nail that sticks out that gets hammered". In other words; YOU CAN'T WIN.

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