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The Winner

I've been watching The All Star Celebrity Apprentice and this Sunday is the season finale where the winner will be chosen. Since I've been watching the show before it had celebrities playing to raise money for charities but rather just plain folks playing to "win a job" (worst TV game show prize ever), I've seen all the current season's contestants play already. On the very first show of All Star Celebrity Apprentice I predicted that Penn Jillette, Trace Adkins and Lil John would be the top three. I mistakenly thought the final would be a three way fight but last week Donald Trump fired finalist Lil John and Lisa Renna. Since he fired Lisa first I was correct about the final three.

The final assignment has been characterized as "Nashville verses Las Vegas" and Penn Jillette claimed that Vegas trumps Nashville in every way. I don't know about that. One of the assignments is to raise money which means Penn and Trace have to hit up their contacts for cash. Yes, there is probably more big money in Las Vegas than in Nashville but that town is built on greed and greed doesn't allow for charity. The Mob mentality that still exists there just doesn't allow for giving money away and Vegas' idea of big stars is Wayne Newton who has been in big trouble with the IRS and even was at risk for losing his home a while back.

Nashville, on the other hand, is built on entertainment and "down home folks" achieving their dreams. It's a lot easier to give back when you've come from humble country beginnings and are in the business for love, not only money. Trace Adkins has raised over $700,000.00 so far and is the biggest fund raiser on the show so unless Penn, who I think should win due to his excellent playing skills, can pull a rabbit and a million dollars out of his hat this Sunday, I predict Trace Adkins will be the next ALL STAR CELEBRITY APPRENTICE.

Remember, you heard it here first!

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