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Anita Moorjani Story

I recently came upon an amazing video on the Internet about a lady named Anita Moorjani who had a near death experience (NDE). She really had more of a death experience, one of those clinical deaths in a hospital, this one from cancer, but came back to talk about it. These are not all that uncommon these days but hers is different because she not only survived being clinically dead and regained consciousness but her cancer quickly disappeared and she became completely healed and healthy.

Anita Moorjani who died of cancer.

Why I'm mentioning her story is because she said something that I've heard everyone who has claimed to have a NDE say and I think it could be confusing. What they say is that they've learned from their experience that we are all, at our core LOVE. They never seem to elaborate and to say we, material beings in psychical form, are actually an emotion which has no form is a confusing concept. What does this mean?

Imagine you're in the position that these NDE people claim to have been. You are disassociated from your body. You feel you no longer have a physical body. What's more, you suddenly have the intimate first person memories of not just yourself but of many other people. You still have your own identity and individuality but you're also diluted by these other personalities who are also "you" and with their memories and emotions which are also "yours". Then what exactly is it that makes you, You?

It is not the memory or knowledge of your particular life that is you but that unique feeling that you identify as You. You don't think, therefore I am, you feel, therefore I am. You feel like you. You feel the You vibe that tells you you are you. And that vibe or feeling can best be described, at its core, by the emotion that seems to be its very foundation and that emotion, feeling or vibe is LOVE.

The more I hear stories like this and even more impressive, the more I read scientists talking about Quantum Physics, the more I believe The Beatles were more than just a rock and roll band. Of all the things they might have chosen to champion such as partying, sex, rebelliousness, politics, etc., they chose to stand for LOVE. It's even the name of their Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas (which I've seen FOUR TIMES).  I love The Beatles.

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