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Rockin' The House, YOUR House

Singer / songwriter and auxiliary member of The Tooners, Jerry Strull, is helping raise funds for the Alzheimer's Association's 2013 Care & Cure Drive by offering to play a free house concert in the Los Angeles area for contributors of over $50.00.

House concerts are an interesting phenomena that has been growing in popularity in recent years. Inside of going out to see live entertainment, private citizens host parties in their homes, invite however many people they can comfortable fit in their living rooms and hire entertainers to perform intimate concerts, usually as a solo/acoustic act. Many times the performers are traveling along a House Concert circuit and are given room and board at the show host's home the night of the show.

The fees paid to the performers can be a set price but many times the performer gets the "contribution", usually from $15 to $20 per person for anywhere from ten to forty people since these house concerts are specifically advertised as "NOT A BUSINESS" but a private party (for legal / tax reasons). Although these House Concerts are specifically musical performances rather than "parties with music" there can be food and drinks served both before or after a performance and even a question and answer part of the performance. It's loose and intimate and a very special experience especially to people who grew up attending giant stadium shows and miss the special jam sessions that often took place at small parties at their friend's house, like Jerry's back in the day. Check him out at

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